To provide Ahmadi professionals in various disciplines such as IT Professionals, Finance Professionals, Real Estate Professionals, Entrepreneurs and other professionals, an opportunity to gather at one venue to motivate them to excel professionally and to network.

To achieve the objective, we are planning to hold two annual professional summits, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. Given the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place including social distancing, it is not feasible at this time to hold an in-person summit. So alternatively, we plan to hold our first summit Virtually using Zoom.


To allow sufficient time for preparation, we plan to hold our first Virtual summit in September 2020 on Zoom.

Timing: The Plan:

The focus of the first Summit will be Entrepreneurship. When the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will plan our first in-person summit for IT Professionals on the West Coast.

Action items for the Virtual Summit:

Action item # 1:

Invite two successful Ahmadi entrepreneurs who have established businesses and taken them to profitability. This will be accomplished through direct phone calls. They will share their experience regarding the success factors, do’s and don’ts of establishing and operating a successful business. Confirm their preferred method of communication.

Confirm the speakers by the end July 2020.

Action item # 2:

We will Invite a couple of successful external entrepreneurs to present their journey from the initiation of their business idea to how they funded their business and established it as a profitable long-term business. This is expected to motivate Jamaat members who aspire to be successful in entrepreneurial ventures. Confirm their preferred method of communication.

Confirm the speakers by the end July 2020.

Action item # 3:

Proposed Summit agenda:

  • Welcome message – National Secretary Sanat-O-Tijarat
  • Silent prayer
  • Introduction of speakers – Moderator
  • First Speaker presentation
  • Second Speaker presentation
  • Third Speaker presentation
  • Q & A

Action item # 4:

After speakers are confirmed, finalize a copy of flyers to promote the summit by mid-August 2020.

Action item # 5:

Confirm Zoom session details through the preferred method of communication for speakers and email and WhatsApp to Jamaat members by end August 2020.

Action item # 6:

Start promoting the Summit through WhatsApp, email, posting flyers at all Jamaat mosques, and through word of mouth by end August 2020.

Action item # 7:

Send email and WhatsApp reminder messages on a bi-weekly basis in September 2020. Personally, call speakers.

Length of Summit:

3 hours

Regional Secretary Los Angeles Region