History of Mentorship

Did you know that the word mentoring” originates from the ancient Greek language?

Mentor was the name of a character in Homer’s Odyssey. When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, fights in the Trojan War, he entrusts his son to an old man and a loyal advisor called Mentor.

Purpose of Mentorship

The word “mentorship” has evolved since then. It is typically defined as a trusted relationship where a senior professional assist a less experience

For our purposes, mentorship means being present for someone else, recognizing their needs and wants, and empowering them to step outside of their comfort zone.

National Sanat-O-Tijrat Mentorship Program

National Sanat-O-Tijarat Department has determined a critical and immediate need to bring a mentoring program to the forefront of all our programs. This is especially geared towards the youth constituency, professionals, and new Immigrants who lack guidance, support, expertise and focus through their own environment.

We have recognized that most of our new Immigrant families do not possess the academic wherewithal to guide their children in acquiring higher education for a far better future. They remain content if the child gets some basic education and encourages them to begin a menial job to earn some income.

It is important that our children recognize the predominance of Asian/Eastern influence on the US businesses and know that how this segment has overtaken the world businesses in such a short time. Hard work, unyielding focus and commitment, and keen desire to be at the helm of the world business sector has been inculcated into their psyche from the very beginning.

We will effectively communicate with our youth via videos which will be especially developed to instill this message and periodic zoom calls to establish trust and face to face tutoring.

Designing the Parameters

1. We will define the youth population that will be served through a data needs assessment.

2. We will consider age, mentoring need, common characteristics, and expertise

3. We have identified a formal selection process for recruiting mentors and mentees.

4. We have begun speaking with renowned Ahmadi professionals, scholars and teachers to gauge their level of receptivity in becoming mentors and helping us to define mentoring relationships. A list of mentors will be added to the program shortly once approved through the steps of the application.

5. The focus of the mentorship is:






6. After careful communication and selection of mentors and mentees, we will launch a mentorship program in 90 days in which the mentors and mentees will communicate on a weekly basis via a mentorship process.

10 Step Plan for Mentorship

1. Determine desired outcomes.

2. Determine if the program will stand alone or collaborate with other programs.

3. Identify key stakeholders and generate buy-in.

4. Plan how the program will be evaluated.

5. Develop policies and procedures to support the program.

6. Establish a case management protocol to ensure communication with mentors and mentees.

7. Plan how the program will be managed, (organizational structure)

8. Identify a management team.

9. Ensure clear roles.

10. Develop a financial plan (e.g., funding streams, internal controls)

Post-Implementation of the program

Continuously evaluate the Program and adjust as needed.

One way to get additional assistance in both the planning and implementation stages is to reach out to our key Jama’at members and seek guidance and learn from the experiences of others.

How to APPLY?

Step 1: Fill out Become a Mentor or Become a Mentee form above.

Step 2: If selected, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete.

Step 3: Receive approval and your orientation package.

Step 4: Mentor and Mentee will be matched. The mentorship program will begin.

Our contribution to connecting with our young and influencing them is precisely what this generation needs from us.