LinkedIn Group: Program Objectives

  • Provides common professional networking forum for Ahmadi professional across various occupations: technology, healthcare, law, business etc.
  • Allows valuable discussions and meaningful interactions for the benefit of entire Ahmadi Community. Sort of like directory of all Ahmadi professionals.
  • We currently have many “Closed Groups” across social media platforms, such as facebook, WhatsApp, etc. BUT no true one place for TRUE professional interaction across entire US Ahmadi Community.
  • This is specially critical in US, where due to distances, there is limited interaction within the Community outside of Jama’at administrative interactions.
  • Provides common place for community wide introductions, networking, sharing of ideas, industry trends / expertise, employment / business opportunities etc.
  • Complements other SOT programs: Refugees Support, Employment, Mentorship etc.
  • LinkedIn Group will be moderated, adhering to the general Jama’at wide policies in particular around the use of social media.